Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pale In Comparison

Ouch! When I signed in again just now I realised my new look was quite pale.

It's all right, at least it was what I was comfortable with at the moment I 'refurbished' it.

I really do not believe in drastic changes, unless it is something in dire need of a reconstruction.

Saturdays are always more interesting than Sundays , unless the coming Monday is a get what I mean?

Today I have been quite hard-working - writing, typing and thinking at my desk. I guess I need to go out after this before I get burnt out. Oh before I forget, I'd better spend a few minutes in the kitchen first as my children are the loyal fans of my humble cooking.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Not So Young Anymore

It took me several attempts to get access to my own blog!

This day shall be exactly one month after my laptop was broken (accidentally, of course).....

So, for a start: how's life guys??

Mine has been quite challenging, adjusting to my 'new' life in my dear old school. I remember how my 2008 (a year ago) started off with a lot of pain. It was partly owing to my new duties which required me to get my old duties done concurrently with the new ones. I was caught almost off-guard of the requirements and expectations of my so-called 'new duties'.

The classes I am teaching this year are great!

I still teach the same 'mischievious' students of 5 Mawar who are exceptionally hard-working now. My previous two classes of form five students are of course no longer in sight---though I occasionally see them in town, especially at Parkson Ria.

I no longer teach EST because it is not compulsory anymore (says me).

So, I am left with the cute form 1 Rafflesia students who have to suffer in a classroom without a stable supply of electrical power and the notorious 5 Seroja students who are actually obedient, provided I make my presence felt as a commanding teacher,..... but caring at the same time.

The other group of fortunate students are the 3 Yasmeen students (previously known as '3 Dahlia'), who have to bear with me from 2.50pm to 4.00 pm every Monday. The 3 Yasmeen students must be nerdy to be able to stay put in class for longer hours every Monday to Thursday as they are taking Arabic Language and Quranic Studies. This group of students were the students of my former Head of EST panel's who managed to start anew at SMK Taman Desa 2.

All in all, the four classes under me are always seen as a blessing (or is that ' a blessing in disguise?'). Oops! Don't take it hard, that was just a tease from me....

By the way, as each year passes, I am nearing my destination. Of late, I have been thinking about undertaking another role seriously. Just give me 12 months to consider my newfound ambition............

Yes, you are right, I am not so young anymore but I have reached a stage where I wish to do more with my weaker body but stronger soul, Amen!

Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 - No, I Ain't Too Busy!

"When I checked on your blog, I thought you were 'busy giler', is that true?"
Phew, good question.
I have been missing for 18 days! Even the police were baffled.......
The answer is simple. I need to replace my computer in order to update my blog. Hence, no, I ain't too busy to blog!
By the way, welcome 2009. I am 'passing by' another year before I reach my destiny.
Shall blog again, see you!