Friday, July 19, 2013

Tomorrow is another school day (no adjectives added).

There will be an important programme carried out by the Discipline Unit starting at 8 am. I can't be too sure what the turn-out will be like. Just hope that every thing will run smoothly and after this my task is to prepare the door gifts for the teachers who will be present until the end of the session. Erm, having said that, where do I keep the ribbons?
I meant to do something other than blogging. But hey who can guess what is my next course of action tonight? I would love to continue with my reading of articles, or 'surat-surat amaran' (which must be signed) or the translation of the holy Quran. However, at this moment I can't help taking a glimpse of my blog which has seen better days. Then the beautiful moments of being able to write every week suddenly came alive!

I shall give it a try seriously.