Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why I Did Not Apply For A Transfer This Time

When I first filled out the form to apply for a transfer it was in the year 1991. I had to because my husband and I were living separately. The second time it happened was in 2000. Or was it in 1999?

I was in SEGAR and I needed a change. No wonder I took up a Masters course in 1999, it was simply vital...........

My application (to get a transfer) was rejected because the school (SBPI Rawang) was not ready yet. Too early...... The following year saw me applying again and rejected (yet again) because there were people from KL who needed to be posted in Rawang since they had bought a new house at Bandar Tasik Puteri.

Time really flies....

As soon as I graduated from the university in 2003, I applied to go to SEMEKAR. That was the turning point. I got the transfer , much to the astonishment of my colleagues, the principal of the new school and myself!

(to be cont'd)

Of Rendang and Paperwork

These two shall never be the best of friends. What? Preparing rendang, serving the ketupat, the cookies and then?....... checking my bag, my handbag (even though of late, I hardly use my handbag), photostating exercises for my students, ironing baju kurung to be worn next week (the last time I put on bk was on the first Hari Raya) and going to my room at my school to see if there was anything to be done.

Yesterday morning I went to get the past year paper to be given to the form 4 students as 'Gerak gempur' from the office. Thank God the material was already printed , hence I did not waste much time. I set myself to get every thing stapled before 2 pm. Indeed it was stapled and labelled by 2.01 pm! Not bad, I told myself. Actually I was just helping out the form 4 teachers since they were all in their respective kampong.

Later that evening I went back to school to put the material in the office because it was needed on Monday morning. My husband reminded me that most probably his friends would be coming on Saturday (yes, today). So, we decided to shop for some chicken and some more cookies (most of the cookies bought earlier ended up eaten as snacks in front of the tv).

Today, I spent a few hours in my kitchen, and a few more hours feeling quite nervous when the guests came and tasted my 'ketupat', 'rendang ayam' , 'rendang daging' , fried noodles and perhaps after this some 'mee kari'. Even at this particular moment there is a guest in the living room.

A good night sleep will surely be enticing!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Blue Haven?

".....When evening is nigh, I hurry to my blue haven..........."

Spending a few days at my kampong has allowed me to judge for myself the progress which is taking place. It's true that the infrastructure in Alor Gajah district is definitely something I am proud of. A number of private-owned lands are left undeveloped, but the areas owned by the state government are well maintained. The list is long, from an organised farming project to parks which are beautiful, the superb 'toll-free highway' and a well-equipped hospital.

My youngest daughter was down with high fever (and she was showing symptoms of 'Influenza-Like Illness' , if I wish to exaggerate) and I knew that my first Raya was going to be spent at the district hospital. Indeed that's the place we went to, as soon as food was served and the guests had started arriving at my mom's house.

The professional treatment I received from these supposedly 'kampong' people would be the envy of the Rawang and Selayang hospital staff (and even the private hospitals' in Kuala Lumpur). Moreover, I only spent RM1 for the entire treatment.

Perhaps Alor Gajah is my blue haven.............

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh Mr Burglar

What a post right before Hari Raya!

Instead of reminiscing about my ever wonderful Hari Raya..... or about last year's Hari Raya when I prepared rendang etc for my students, (and instead they came on the following day, when I chose to laze around, but I was more than happy to entertain my guests, anyway.....)...... yes, instead of all that I am now thinking about the safety of my belongings while I go back to my kampong.

Furthermore, I have to plan the route to take (Plan A and Plan B, and perhaps a Plan C!). I must also foresee the problems which might arise with regard to the traffic flow, my car and also the weather.

On top of that, burglary has been quite rampant lately in my housing area....

Frankly, I lost almost 100 per cent of my valuables during a break-in in 2007. That was one terrible year of losses............ But hey, Mr Burglar, I just do not want you to do the same again!

Having said that, I wish to welcome my dearest students and ex-students to my house during Hari Raya. I am not a chef but I think I enjoy cooking for you. So, welcome to my humble abode!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I think I am one more week wiser (since 9.9.09), even though the last entry was only 4 days ago....

My wonderful life has been 'smeared' with streaks of incidents which may have a lasting effect on my life.

I shall remember one word indefinitely..........."FORGOT" and its cousin : "FORGOTTEN".

First: Someone forgot to fulfil a task which I reminded him to do, oh a no no, especially when nobody else wished to be seen as an accomplice in this blunder.

Second: Out of goodwill, I took the trouble to get a letter photostated but later forgot to pass the letter to its rightful owner. This was not a serious one as the situation was rectified as soon as I realised it.

Third: A blatant disregard of 'remember'. I think I don't wish to remember it either.

I am wiser now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where Have You Been?

Obviously, I was not in London, visiting the Queen.

My students dear, I would like to apologise for 'neglecting' you (physically)..... However, the fact is that my one-week holiday was filled with marking the exam paper . The following week was also filled with the same activity ....... but today I believe that the sacrifice is really, really worth it!

This week I am carrying out another duty which is new to me. I am not bragging when I say that I have been 'well groomed' ( by the government department) to perform my duty this week... I learn to be more meticulous and erm... considerate.

I am missing the eager faces in my form 1 and form 3 classes. I also miss my form 5 students but they are busy with the SPM trial examinations.

In the midst of this 'busy-ness', I received a call from DN. Thanks........... hope you are doing well at Uniten.