Monday, March 23, 2009

The Doctor I Was Meant To Be

I spent less than a minute with the doctor today. I wasn't interested in asking for MC. I needed some medication. Nothing more.

It would be great to have a medical qualification. Sigh...

When I entered 5MW on 11 March, there was another teacher in the class. Phew! And I was 5 minutes late! The teacher was none other than my own principal (whose speciality is Science).

As I was standing somewhere near her, I was wondering if she just wanted to give a pep talk to the 5 MW students. At the same time, I was worried if she would question me for being late.

My worries proved to be futile as she kept on talking about Biology and Science even when the clock was ticking loudly. From time to time, I glanced at my watch (at that time I still had my watch). Oh, I sensed that she sincerely wanted to motivate the students to study hard for these two subjects.

The ways of studying Science and Biology seemed almost effortless, the way she put it. My mind raced to the time when I felt Biology came from Mars, or even Pluto. But, being in the audience to her lecture, Biology seemed like coming from the kitchen, it was just like some 'tips' from a mother, not some intimidating facts that unnerved me when I was 16, or 17. No wonder I could not do medical studies.

The pep talk which was meant for the students was now sapping into my mind and my soul. I like Biology, I am telling myself. Perhaps it's not too late to start doing some serious reading on Biology, I shall try.

But tonight I am really unwell. I should have asked for an MC ! I really should have.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Be It Ever So Humble, There's No Place Like Home....

It sometimes happens when it's the last day before the school reopens.

Psychologically, my body becomes weak when it's the Sunday before the gates to hell are about to open. No, no, I mean, when it's the last day of the school holiday.

But, this time I genuinely have to take some medication.....I have been sleeping , resting, even though my mind is quite occupied with what else to do to help my students pass and excel in their studies.

By writing this down, I feel a sudden surge of though my illness has gone completely and I should be doing my school work again, right now. Yes, I feel exactly that. So, see you again tomorrow, God willing.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lessons After SPM (1982)

All's fair in love and war.

About 30 years ago when I was in a secondary school, my curious and childish mind was always seeking for justice and learning about reality and the truth. I really could not understand why some of my school mates were quite 'cruel' (harsh) in their daily interactions. They believed that being rude was OK. They believed that leaving their friends behind was just part of the game, (who cares, anyway , when their motive was to gain popularity). Some of them were greedy, some were sarcastic, some would not share anything such as past-year paper with others and some would talk about boys as though all the boys in the world were after them (it's an all-girls-school).

I liked to keep my mouth shut but I did become quite an observer.

My life on the hill in Seremban was great, despite the heartbreaking uncouth attitude of some of the girls there. I did survive!

Nonchalantly, I braved through the 5 years of my stay there. My natural curiosity was partly satisfied with explanations from my parents but I was only totally convinced of what constitutes the right (and wrong) thing to do, after reading a book entitled 'Bimbingan Mukminin' by Imam Ghazali (which was initially done to kill my time after sitting for SPM). Remember there wasn't any P Moral or Civics lessons during that time.

This was my first step into the world of open-mindedness......... (to be continued).

Thursday, March 19, 2009


"What slowpoke?"

It's informal, meh. And it's an American word to label a person who does things too slowly.

How (new/ foreign) words and terms permeate our world of communication.....

I unabashedly pick up words from the youngsters who could be quite imaginative. Well, actually it's fine! Who says we should stop learning once we are 44 years old?

There have been times when I could be slow on the uptake and I need a few seconds to digest the word I just heard from my students. Nevertheless, it's still fine with me.

A word of caution though, don't (blindly) imitate the words uttered in the parliament, or words that become headlines , such as "Damned if we do......"

In this case, it's better to be a slowpoke.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who Wants (or Doesn't Want) To Be A Millionaire?


Oops, it's not pronounced as 'million air', ok?

A teacher who doesn't rob a bank (as a part-time job) is never going to be a millionaire. Unless, she is married to a millionaire or a millionaire in the making.

What should a very rich teacher do? Stop working?

My better half seems to have a different idea about being a millionaire. "Why not continue teaching if you are very rich? The act of guiding children (our own and our students) should be a lot easier if you are extremely rich".

He's got a point there! Yes, this wishful thinking is a pleasant one.....but I have decided to brush it aside and I'll still be as ambitious as ever in trying to reach out to children who want to learn, whether I'm a millionaire or just a 'million air'.

Competency Test

What's the best method to test a teacher's competency?

Once I attended the PTK course at the Pearl International Hotel. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Of course......I was required to attend the lectures, take part in the public speaking , power point presentation, group work and makan-makan (this was the best thing I did there). The biggest hurdle was to type out a 25-page assignment which was to be submitted when I checked in at the hotel on the first day. The most bitter memory was having to go home after receiving a call from my husband that some people had broken into my house. Well, this happened in 2007, the year of thefts!!!!

A few days ago someone stole a precious item while I was praying at the surau (mmm, what a place to lose your favourite watch). However, my concern was on the person who stole it. She must be needing it so much, or she might have a psychological problem, or she was just an impulsive thief (is there such a term?).

While answering the PTK test, I couldn't help thinking about real-life situations in order to find the best answer. Many options seemed to be correct and I had to rely on my instinct!

Mr Teh was the candidate in front of me and both of us seemed to utilise every minute, flipping through the exam booklet, as though to scour it for the best answers. I met Mr N , a teacher on study leave, who seemed quite amused with the PTK exam. Mr Mgw was also there, but he was one of the invigilators, hence, after waving at him , I quickly put on a straight face, so that he would know that I was on my best behaviour, not trying to complicate his role in overseeing the exam.

The results would be disclosed in a few months time....I would hope to see a '4' this time, Amen!

Monday, March 16, 2009

School (Not So) Holidays

I simply enjoyed the English Camp we had last Saturday. It was meant for the form one students only , perhaps next time the other students would be invited too!

At the same time there was a Kem Kecemerlangan or simply an extra class for the SPM and PMR candidates. My daughter was of course there. My son Mukhlis, was also there as an 'alien'. He seemed to appreciate the lessons given by the SEMEKAR teachers, in which I hope would mean that he felt more comfortable to do his revision before sitting for SPM in November this year.

Myself? Great! I am going to sit for my PTK (Competency Test) tomorrow.

Immediately after the test I will be teaching the PMR candidates.

I hope I will be able to answer the questions correctly. At present there is no proper Workbook to guide me. I must use whatever wisdom left in me and I must spare some wits in me so that I will be able to shoot at the right answers.

Just now I browsed through a few of my favourite blogs. Gosh, some bloggers care to include my photo in their blogs. (But I wonder why I am less photogenic now?) Nonetheless, I have only myself to blame,.......must remember to eat less and apply some cream, and do it every day, without fail!

Anyway, I am still smiling right now. Even after the discovery of the photo...and while preparing myself for that test (PTK). Then, why am I writing now? Gtg..........

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The 12 of March 2009

This long awaited day had finally come .............and left me.............

I might have not mentioned it to anyone before but I wish to admit the fact that I really owe all my former students a very valuable lesson - which is a series of 'lessons' involving bonds and relationships , apart from lessons regarding perfecting my own instructions in class.

Thank you very much.

To all my students who have done me proud by achieving better results than they normally achieved last year, congratulations!

My beloved son didn't score as many As as he had had in his dreams , but I was really grateful to God who had granted my wish to see him stand tall despite any hardships. This happened on Thursday , 12 March 2009.

After losing to SMK Taman Desa (again! But my debaters and I became a lot wiser now, and Aisyah was the best debater), I rushed back to school to meet with my former students as they might have something to share with me. Yes, they surely did! Evon was smiling, showing her 1A and 1A for the English 1119 (plus the Cambridge English) paper. My car door was still ajar when I was shown another piece of results slip. This time I was asked to find '2A' on the slip. But, hey, I couldn't find any! Congratulations to Aaron for the remarkable results! Smiles...

Later, I met YBY and CKM and HCC, all of whom scored 3B for the English paper. I had to hold my tears when LCX showed me her results... the feelings were simply indescribable. I did not even go to the lab (that was where the results were issued) - my first time after many years in this school. TWS, LCH, TMJ, CCY, LHD, LCW and even NG came to see me. I spent the rest of the day with TWS, LCH,TMJ, CCY, LCX, MN, AFHH, AINAA , INID and AKJF, rejoicing in our good fortune (it was not about the results), it was more on enjoying the moments we were having together.

The whole day (and later that night) was about connecting with people through whatever means possible. As I have mentioned earlier, it's about bonds and relationships.....

I hope my beloved son, my beloved niece and my beloved students have not forgotten about humility. Do thank all (yes, I mean ALL) your teachers personally or at least pray that God will protect them especially on the Judgment Day. I think I don't mind the latter.

The Scary Encounter

After 'residing' in my office room for more than a year, I begin to wonder if people want to avoid coming to see me. Do they dread the idea of sitting across the table? Waiting for me to check the reports to be submitted to my boss?

I haven't found a concrete piece of evidence to support my perception of their visits.

Anyway, I remember feeling most uncomfortable to enter my boss's room during the first 12 years of my working life. It was only in 2002 the fears left me and I found myself going in to see Pn LKL with so much ease. A heartiest thank you to her who always tried to unearth my true potential.

For a person who 'reads' people using my sixth sense (though 'he' won't believe me!), I am sometimes baffled at how some people have the guts to see our boss to plead with her to be exempted from certain duties. I guess they are left with not much choice, I mean they are desperate, and they mean well, actually.

All in all, as one grows 'younger' , one has to learn to take up whether it is scary or not, one might as well face up to it.

Am I Cruel?

"Teacher, why no blog post, lately?"

Owh, that's a cute question.

"In January also you didn't update your blog!", exclaimed another.

Ahha....this one is an accusation! (Gotcha! I was just kidding)

No, there is no acceptable excuse from me regarding my failure to update my blog.

Firstly, I had been quite ill (on and off). Secondly, I began to feel the creeps every time I wished to put my thoughts in writing. Thirdly, the first and second excuses were simply lame!

By the way, just now, after giving in to the demands of all the men in my house-(who insisted on watching 22 men running after one ball), I decided to change course and instead of painfully watching the football match, I sat in front of the computer monitor to check my social network friends' updates. As you can guess, some of them are my former students, while some are friends whom I have yet to meet. I wonder if they too wonder about me?

But, hey, anyway, sorry for the cold treatment from me for the past 13 days....I am not that cruel.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We Won!

My passion has never subsided. No matter how unwell I might be.

(Hanani, Fatimah, Aisyah,Jolene,Nadhirah,Navin, Zarul, Sarah, Atiqah
with Pn NW and Pn R)

My little angels and Pn NW and Pn R did not disappoint me when they courageously took part in the inter-school debate competition (Rounds 1 and 2) one day after I could not come to school (MC).

Please refer to the photos above. The first one was taken before they went to SMK TAR and before they debated upon 'Women Make Better Bosses' and 'Media Is Corrupting Our Society'. They had won in both rounds!

Congrats Atiqah, Jolene, Aisyah, Navin, Sarah, Nadhirah, Zarul, Hanani and Fatimah; my little angels!