Saturday, February 27, 2010

When Less Is More

Sincerity is highly appreciated, even if it might not have any dramatic effect to a relationship.

Sometimes, a person does not possess a warm and lively disposition. However, her (or his) words are always true and her promises are kept as best as possible. It sounds odd, but I value her noble acts more than her apparently 'cold' appearance.

To have a true friend is a bless!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Waiting For A Call

It's Thursday again!

Last Thursday I fell ill. My strength was put to a real test the next day, then, the following day, followed by that Sunday when I regained a surge of power to finish up setting the test paper.

My routine of swimming like a mermaid was disrupted by my sleepy head. I slept, and slept, and slept throughout the day. That night, suddenly, I went to the computer table and without much care about what else was going on, I quickly started typing. Everything ended at 4.30 am, when finally I had the opportunity to catch up on my dream......

I went to school feeling two hundred times happier on Monday. It was prize-giving day to the winners of the Bulan Bahasa competitions.

Nevertheless, my body succumbed to the fever which was already overwhelming on Tuesday. I took a leave (at last) and hence spent 5 hours from 9 am to 2 pm that day sleeping like a beautiful princess awaiting a kiss from a prince.

But in actual fact, every day, I am expecting a call from Aisyah. She surely has something in store for us. It might be a funny story or an experience, which, I least expected to be something new to her.

Yes, I forgot, she's only 15.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I Am Rejuvenated

That is me!

And that photo was taken after I came back from school on Saturday 20 February.

Mukhlis and Hasif were proud to be able to find a delicious cheese cake for mum on her birthday.

Aisyah had rung me up early that morning to wish me a "Happy Birthday, my sweet mum".

I supposed I can be quite a sweet person if I choose to.

An earlier celebration was held two days before that at a friend's house. I was sharing the birthday celebration with a new-found twin 'Ben'. I was not sure what he was thinking but anyhow I appreciate it! Thank you to my friend and his family, his friends (who are also mine) and a few more new friends whom I seemed to recognise the moment I stepped into his house! Thanks, all of you!!!

Sadly, I fell ill right after that.

Tonight, my condition has improved and my mind is clearer. It gives me hope to a fresh start....... all over again.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Shall Remember This Day

Today, I came out of my bedroom at about 10 am. It had been quite some time since I had the opportunity to be a late riser.

Well, actually I reached home from Pudu Raya after midnight. Aisyah came home from Johore to be with her beloved family during this Chinese New Year holidays.

Since both of us were quite excited about this 'reunion' , we chose to sit in the living room, exchanging news .........she told me a lot about her new school, while I listened to her attentively, empathizing with her every moment at her school.

Of course, Sekolah Tun Fatimah is one of the High Performing Schools (or SBT , in Malay), but I needed to be sure that it lived up to the expectations.

After a few yawns, Aisyah decided to call it a day.

This morning, as I walked past the dining table, I saw some roti canai (bought by my husband)...Thanx a lot! I quickly searched for my children. "Mmmmm..... what about going to Tesco?", I prompted this suggestion. (Excuse me, I don't go shopping just because I don't know what else to do) . "Aisyah, what about getting a haircut?" "Zainab and Sarah, let's buy that cooking oil that we've been meaning to replenish".

And thus, we went to Tesco to get a haircut and to buy cooking oil.

I met Redzuwan, Mahfuzah, Pn Marhaini, Carl Choon, Kar Wai, Wai Mun and Siti Fatin in that shopping was fun! They even wished me "Happy Chinese New Year!"

After spending a few hundreds, we headed back home. So much about a haircut and cooking oil!