Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Kill or Not To.........

As I was driving back home from school today, I almost hit a motorcyclist who was hell-bent on killing himself. I am not trying to be defensive here. Trust me, it's not dangerous driving on my part!

After more than 4 years behind the wheel, I have more faith in myself in ferrying my passengers.... I know 4 is a small number. Yes, that's a good guess, and it's true that I had actually been 'driving' the car whenever I took the passenger seat since 1988- the year I passed my driving test.

But youngsters (especially), please love your life more! Or at least please be more considerate and just abide by the traffic rules...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lost and Found

When an acquaintance of mine was once deeply hurt, she did become rude and started using abusive words to describe her predicament.

I was purely innocent and not the cause of her turning melancholy........... In fact, I was rather a saviour at that delicate moment. Yes, I was. She knew it too.

The passing of time was another factor which mellowed her down. Consequently, we both could continue with our lives, working together , with a greater understanding of the pitfalls awaiting us.

For a moment, when she was in the trough, she seemed to lose her grip, if not losing her face. Nevertheless, she was adamant that she should not lose her heart.

In this respect, I do salute her...... though my admiration for her did not surpass that point.... because too much of a thing is simply bad.

Having said that, all is not lost. Through the pains of others I have learnt quite a number of life lessons. More importantly, I have found remedies to many ailments..... at least just to lessen the pain.... as long as it is not as serious as the Influenza A (H1N1).

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Am Against Bullies! ( and Bulldozers!)

When I was young(er), I loved to experiment with a number of risky decision making.

Pa obviously did not fancy the thought of me making any blunder at all, but I had to.....

In restrospect, I guess I am still quite the same. I like to question the norm.....

I wonder why filing and documentations are still redundant when we want to save paper!

I wonder why we are blindly following the tradition if this customary acts involve a waste of time..... or a waste of resources....

I wonder too why people can not speak to children with respect. In fact, sometimes, some people are the real bully when it comes to dealing with the youngsters (and also with their subordinates).

Some people can get carried away with this 'bully' act........ when the youngsters seem helpless.... or when their subordinates are apparently helpless.....

That's one reason why I have high regards for people who treat me with such kindness and sincerity even when I was just a kid (and also when they could choose to ignore me). Thank you!

Let's weed out bullies!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


My two boys seem to be ardent fans of the internet. They have occupied this chair for quite some time before I successfully take over ........

By the way, it is the holy month of Ramadhan .....and we are not spared the thrill of performing the fasting ibadah together , with family members and with all the Muslims all over the globe.

Actually, this year the first week of Ramadhan coincides with the mid-term holidays. Hence, my culinary skills are put to the test again (because since Mum is not going to school, she must be preparing some delicious meal for Sahur - which we take at about 5 am).

At this moment, I am thinking of making 'nasi lemak' for sahur. Emm, how's that? I hope one of my children has brought in some pandan leaves from the backyard.....Otherwise, the menu has got to be changed. I'd better start cooking now, bye2...

How's Every Body?

All praise to God for allowing me to have internet access again!!!!

After weeks of staring at the blank monitor....waiting ....and hoping.... that Streamyx would get me connected.....I gave up!

Finally I went to TM Rawang to terminate my subscription.........................good bye Streamyx!

Now I am here again. Hi!