Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mr L Chai Kok

The only time this name was mentioned again, (after 32 years) , was in December last year when I bumped into one primary schoolmate of mine.

Mr L was the most tiger-like teacher I had ever known. However, I do come across other 'tigers' during my adult life. Perhaps, I was once a tigress myself, until I was mellowed over the years of climbing up the stairs to the classes...............

The tiger I know has probably passed on.......... but he will always be remembered for his fierce disposition, but yet, responsible, caring and a real sifu of the English Language. He even liked to hug us when we felt downhearted (you know 12 year-old girls).

Whatever it is, this is one tiger (apart from my own pa) whom I like very much.

"You Have Changed"

That's what my old friend was telling me.

Of course. Every thing changes.

I am not the same person you knew a few months ago. In fact, I might change totally if left unchecked!

The people who cross my path do shape my personality, if not my wisdom. But I'm too 'young' to be GREATLY influenced by circumstances, TRY HARDER!

I am here to stay............

Why Cats Are Not Called Dogs

Do you know why?

Me? Don't know. (Some of my students might add "Don't care").

BM is definitely not BI either.

If we were born in England and we were to live with the native speakers of English, then it is simple mathematics why we too speak the language.

Sometimes I feel sick in my stomach when all the Mr Know All write to the editor's column about why the standard of English (in our country) has deteriorated over the years.

Are they saying that 50 years ago , if all Malaysians were to sit for the SPM English Language paper, the average grade would be better than what it is today?
Are they saying that the English words were pronounced more correctly by our forefathers?

The only succinct explanation of their claims is that - many, many years ago, the small group of people who received their education at the English schools could speak the language more confidently. (Ironically, at the same time, the majority of Malaysians , who were denied access to that sort of education, could hardly construct a proper sentence in English).

Think wisely, again, man!

Having said that, I have no statistical evidence to back my deductions.

I can only conclude by saying that I really appreciate the great efforts made by my students and fellow teachers to master the English Language.

Besides, every one can find fault, few can do better!

19 Years As A Teacher

When Puan K joined the teaching staff of my school, she could recognise me straight away.

As I was explaining to her about her time-table and the books that she could use for her classes, she could not contain it any longer. A smile creased on her sweet face.

"Puan, actually I'm K, your student at Seri Garing. I already contacted my husband, K, who was also my classmate, to tell him that now I'm teaching with you!"


What a small world it is.

Today, 11 July 2009, about 14 years after we last saw each other, I met K and K, who are now a young couple with a daughter, at our Family Day gathering.

"K, I still remember that you liked to sit near the door with A."

"Yes, and I still remember what you said to my father on the day he came to collect my report card. "

Hahaha...........(Then he actually quoted the words I said to his father). Hahaha...........

"But, teacher, thank you ...................."

Thank you to you both, too. I have learnt many things from you too.....and from many students who have been the REAL reason why I stay in this profession. Otherwise.........