Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Ill, The Old and The Shaky

Ever heard of labelling?

When people are ignorant, they tend to label others at the slightest mistake made by the latter.

This could be prompted by the lack of genuine information about the different cultures or perhaps this is the result of improper behaviour of a certain group of people which (unknowingly) has brought about a distorted picture of their true way of life.

Sadly, some people choose to sneer at the act of others without understanding the underlying reason for it.

Having said that, it's not for me to blame these people. The fault actually lies in the lackadaisical attitude of everyone involved in projecting (or rather, not projecting) the true image of the believers of our (respective) religion. But, hey, is it not safer to take some time to reflect on an incident before making any comments? Give it some due consideration before 'flashing' your potentially hurtful remarks?

In retrospect, this reminder is surprisingly what I wish to write today despite being ill and shaky at this very moment, not to mention the other one, the.....

Just A Transit

In 1986, on my way back to the Oz country, I met an old friend of mine at the Changi Airport during a transit. I was glad to meet him as we were classmates (in fact, my first classmate) during our matriculation years. The following year, we went separate ways until our class farewell party which was held at one of our friends' house. There, I realised that we were, in fact, still good friends.

Today, after 25 years, I must admit that memories of my younger days keep flashing sporadically.

Faces of friends and my former students could greet me unexpectedly, both in reality and rarely, in my dreams. Though I wish I could be 'warmer', I simply can't spend much time with them anymore.

It's bedtime now, good nite. I told you, it's a transit before I am alive again tomorrow.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free At Last

Being an adult gives me the freedom to make my own decisions.

Yes, I am free to decide whether to cook chicken or fish, to sleep or to read an article, to watch tv or to mark my students' books, or whether to take a walk or to clean my bathroom..............phew, none of these sounds appealing to you, right?

But, that is it! I am free!

Nevertheless, I must shoulder a number of responsibilities along with this joyous freedom.....

Having said that, I am glad my parents had pushed me enough (when I was much younger) so that I would deserve this freedom now. Thank you............

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Welcome 2011. I thank God for allowing me another new year to explore.....

So far, 2011 has been an eventful year.
Apart from making a lot of mistakes (to err is human), I have been given the opportunity to look at life from another window. This time, I am one of the players in the drama of life.

Secondly, my interests have been re-ignited, believe it or not? Where have they been all these years?