Saturday, June 27, 2009

When You Like Someone

Chief Inspector Barnaby must be another detective that I 'must see' every week.

After several nights worrying over what to do next and how to make things better, on every Friday and Saturday nights, I simply sit back and enjoy the investigation of murders which take place in England.

My choice of favourite tv show may equate the Discovery Channel that is a 'must see' for my other half. Well, talk about choices and preferences........... (even though I must admit that I quite like 90 per cent of this documentary).

What we like and how much we like something (or someone) is our personal choice. In fact, what we like so much today may not enjoy the same attention in 10 years time. Nevertheless, certain things are just so 'sweet' and we hold them very dear that the memories and other terms of endearment are almost impossible to be wiped out to the end of time.

Therefore, a kind gesture of appreciation should be shown NOW, before it's a day late and a dollar short.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Blame Game

Of late, whenever I wish to create a new post, I have to spend a few minutes deciphering the instructions which simply make my mind boggle.

I don't like delays or disruptions!

After painstakingly waiting for the miraculous 'Posting' page to appear, luck is finally on my side.

Unfortunately, now I plan to reflect on the challenges which I'm facing in the first half of the unique year of 2009. See you later!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Am Alive?

Before the G R yesterday, a team of the Rawang health personnel came to give us a simple medical check-up. The results were quite expected when the teachers were above 35 years old.

I was not spared the 'border-line' results. That is to say 'not yet there, but must take precaution before I reach anywhere near the border'......

I must be lucky.

But my driving experience was lousy today. I went to visit a friend in Setapak and when I tried to venture the DUKE route in my journey back home, a really terrible incident really made me start sw@#$%^ at the lorry (or rather, trailer) driver who had almost cost me my life ,if not my limbs!

The driver had almost squeezed me with his long, heavy trailer......much to the horror of the other drivers that after that they were too afraid to drive alongside that trailer when they were passing through the two-lane-bridges.

My other half (who thought he could just rest beside me in the car) was stunned too - but God has let us survive that unforgettable nightmare and I guess I owe it so much to God that I want to be a better person / driver after this........ I will, I tell you, I will!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's not MGR.

G R was the activity we had today. I went up and down , checking every 'station' of my Zone (B). That exercise was done for about 4 hours before we gathered for the Lucky Draw. Well, so far I had not been lucky.

In the line of duty, I encountered a few teachers who had not been very talkative to me before. These man teachers had a few things to share with me, particularly about their principles and about how to 'survive' in this treacherous world of education. Yes, you heard me right! You can't see the dangers very easily.............

As I've always mentioned before, learning is a life long precess and I value the lessons learnt today. My team didn't win the G R competition but I AM proud of all my zone members. They performed their duties with so much ease, as though G R was already in our job specification as teachers.........but again, they were and ARE good people. Thank you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

It's what some people call 'nostalgic' .............the hours when I was slogging away , trying to mark the last few answer scripts of my 5SJ students. It was already 12.30 am, all my family members were half-way into their private dream lands. My daughter was restless, and she would come to check on me every hour.

When my better half was watching TV, the TV channel was predictably tuned to 555 (National Geographic). As soon as I saw that the TV was beginning to 'watch' him instead, I claimed ownership of the remote control, switching to 851 (yeah, some music , and perhaps some oldies to accompany me , amidst all the paper containing my students' literary works). Some old songs are really ever green..........

I particularly liked one essay entitled "The Teacher I Like Best". Let's read an excerpt of the essay. ".......I like my English teacher. Her name is Puan Haslina. She likes swimming and cooking. Her husband knows how to cook. She is happy because her husband knows how to cook. She is rich. She has a swimming pool at her house........." Gee, that was one cute essay from the adorable students of mine.

After those marking, report writing, preparing the lesson plans, compiling the reports from the various schools in Rawang (that I'm observing), and perhaps before I knew it, it was already 4 am. It's time to get some forty winks before going to school. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Of Men and Cheese (Young Men, Don't Read This!)

A true man ages like cheese!

Hold on, before I am bombarded with the 'yuks' etc, let me appease your anger by telling you that not every body likes cheese, in the first place.

(But hey, I do like cheese!)

While I was at the hair salon yesterday, my daydreams took me to the time when I was younger, more energetic and lighter. I had 5 children fewer and my salary was less than half what I earn now. I was more naive than now , not very demanding and a bit more sensitive at times ........

What I did have at that time did not seem important (and was not well regarded), not until my size ballooned and I began to feel weak..............

Thank God, maturity is not meant to be taken cynically....... Fast forward, 17 years later, I have encountered numerous events which help strengthen my personality. I have accepted the fact that I shall never be called 'young lady' anymore. (Once, a student of mine teased me by asking whether there was any body in the school who called me 'makcik'. That was one @#$% of a joke, but I did laugh...)

Well, on the other hand, my other half is not spared the 'metamorphosis'............but his is a different story. Apart from the physical changes (getting more good-looking), he has become more even-tempered ..........

After I bade farewell to the affable hairdresser , I rushed to our car where my husband was waiting. He looked at me smiling, "OK, how was it?" were the words which echoed his smile despite the 2-hour wait!

Told you, I do like cheese................

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Susan Boyle

When I was small, I thought the name 'Susan' was cool.

But that was umpteen years ago, before I knew the existence of Rawang in Selangor , or anywhere on earth, for that matter.

Anyway, Susan Boyle who has become a sensation in the first quarter of 2009, is certainly a figure not easily forgotten by millions of people........ What's the lesson here? Never, never judge a book by its cover? Yeah, it's as simple as that.

On the flip side, such lessons are erased from our minds almost instantaneously. Why can't some people spare some time to reflect on their actions and words? When will these people be really affected by the wake-up calls? It may not be my vocation to run a nation but I take it as my responsibility to instil values in children (especially), regardless of their colour.

This is the IN thing in my 'To Do' list.........

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I - Robot

The days have passed without any new blog posts............

Whenever I am at home, I check back my 'To Do' list. Quite dispassionately, I begin to scrutinize every little things that must be done.

Have I become a robot?

It seems that my work has usurped my sensitivity and my wits. However, don't imagine that I have started looking like a mad woman with dishevelled hair! No,no, dear.....I still maintain that sweet , innocent looks.........and I have not lost that sensibility and intelligence which you might wish to deny.

What has happened within the last 12 days?

One important event was the SEMEKAR Race that took place on Saturday, 30 May 2009. The 131 students who came really had a lot of fun, despite having to do the Commando Crawl! Without having to threaten them, the attendance after lunch was still great even though they had gone home to change their attire! Everything went on very smoothly and I had all the English teachers and the 4 traineee teachers (Ms J, Ms N, Mr P and Ms S from UNISEL) to thank for their tireless support......Thank you!

A farewell lunch was organised one day before that (Friday, 29 May) for the trainee teachers (but they are leaving only on 26 June) and for our beautiful teacher , Pn M who is serving at SMK Bt Arang starting Monday, 1 June. My heart went to her when I listened to her speech. Among others, Pn M was calling every one to be sensible and to learn to judge people wisely......(never trust rumours, in other words). How true! Malicious remarks are insidious to the healthy form of bonds and relationships , not excluding in get what I mean?

Mmm, this post is getting pretty long, hence I'd better go now. Since I am still sane and sensitive, I guess I am not a robot , as yet. Bye, bye, especially to Mas........