Monday, June 30, 2008


Soon, in less than 7 minutes, we will be in the second half of the year!

SPM is fast approaching. And so does UPSR. My boy is taking SPM and my daughter is sitting for UPSR. And so do many students in Malaysia.

As a teacher and a mother, I would like to help guide my children and my students. Maybe I am born this way, maybe I am born to serve. Wow, it sounds quite noble even though the fact is that I am just me.

Often, I find myself to be blessed with a number of incidents which are actually a blessing in disguise. If you know the poem "The Road Not Taken", you will understand just what it is like taking one road, only having to forego the other. What is said and done, must be done earnestly. At times, you also need to choose between two options and this tests your ability to use your head over your heart.

On 1 July 1997, I decided only to use the English Language with my children....a tough decision but it is indeed proven to be fruitful. They have not become the Mat Sallehs, neither have that guaranteed A1 for their English Language. However, it has helped them acquire the language easily , just like their friends acquiring their mother tongue. Not all Malay students can score A1 for BM , right?

I won't praise them yet. It is just my nature to reserve compliments and praises unless to the deserving ones.........and that never takes place after a brief acquaintance.

So, July 2008 (which will never be repeated in the history of my life), here I come!

Not Enough

I think I have not given enough work to my students. Judging from the dissatisfied look ....... I guess my plan to give them additional work may help ease this situation.

However, what I had to do at about 12.50 pm today had hurt my feet. After giving my 4mw a few questions to answer, I had asked a prefect to help me find 2 girls and 2 boys who were not in class (again, their 2nd time after 25 June 2008). Their records were bad as their names were every where in the Class Log Book. It was not an easy task, I almost injured myself and I had developed blisters on my feet......

The girls saw me and they had to run for their lives. That took up 20 minutes of my time before the bell rang (shrilly, as some of the students love to describe it as).

I was energetic but it was not enough to catch the girls. Frankly, I don't hold grudges against the girls. They have hurt my feet, but it is not enough to hurt my feelings......'coz actually I won't lose a thing.

Friday, June 27, 2008


It is Friday, again!

I bumped into a few old friends yesterday, a Malay, a Chinese and an Indian...........and they are Malaysians. Most importantly, they are my old friends. You know, the sort of friends whom we have lost contact with , no sms, no e-mail, no 'friendster'ing and no phoning. But they are my friends.

Frankly, I did not wish to highlight their races because since young I have trained myself to be COLOUR-BLIND.

The downside of my attempt to be colour-blind is that I once reached a stage where I was NOT able to notice the colour of the dress that other people were wearing. But now I am making a conscious effort to bring back my skills of identifying other people's dress, shoe colour, hair colour, car colour etc. etc. but I remain adamant about NOT looking at their skin colour.

Since small I was conscious about my being darker than the other members of my family. Only my (late) grandmother was able to convince me to never pay a blind bit of notice to the teasing I received (then).

How I am grateful to her for her support!

As I grew up, my belief in 'colour-blind' became unfaltering.

In essence, what other people think about my colour no longer affects me.......especially after you have someone who likes you the way you are, you know what I mean?

Anyway, love is blind, is it not true?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sex Education Part 1


I am wondering if people are aware of the contents in one of the Year 4 Islamic Studies book? I thought I was wrong but by studying the topics and contents of the book, I have proven myself to be right, this time. The book is "Pelajaran Feqah- Tahun 4 - Sekolah Rendah Agama Negeri Selangor".

The first topic is on page 1 entitled "Mandi Wajib- Pengertian dan Sebab". There is a picture of a boy taking a bath. On the following pages are shown a boy with his father sitting and having a light conversation in their living room.

The boy asks his father " Bolehkah ayah ceritakan apa erti mandi wajib?". The father explains that it is taking a bath by using clean water (air mutlak) to cleanse the whole body and we must have 'Niat' or 'Intention' to perform the 'mandi wajib' for the Almighty.

The child asks the next question ," Bilakah masanya seseorang itu diwajibkan mandi (wajib)?"
The father answers, "Apabila kel
uar mani, bersetubuh, haidh dan nifas".

The next question by the child is," Selain daripada itu ada lagikah , ayah?"
The father answers, " Ada, iaitu wiladah dan mati kecuali mati syahid".

On page 4, there is a set of questions for class discussion, including "Murid dan guru berbincang: Perkara yang menyebabkan mandi wajib".

My point here is that , if a Year 4 muslim child goes to school and he takes up Islamic Studies, the ustaz/ustazah would have discussed this in class. The child is already exposed to the liquid discharge that is normal to all human beings. In fact, the curious child will also discuss the different types of discharge(s) that a child/man/woman might experience because some of this must be cleansed through 'mandi wajib'.

I remember being taught about 'bersetubuh' but the depth of discussion is different at different level of education. By the time the child is in form 5 and form 6, the ustaz/ustazah will explain a lot more about marriage and 'akad nikah'.

If you are wondering why some muslims have problems with unwanted pregnancy...... my answer is that their ustaz/ustazah DO their duties of imparting knowledge but these people do not practise the teachings of Islam to prevent ZINA. So, it is not about the children are not taught how to use condom, but it is either they 'ponteng' on the day the ustaz/ustazah is teaching about 'bersetubuh' and 'the importance of abstaining from pre-marital sex' or they cannot contain their sexual desire (because to have sexual desire is normal).

But now I worry and wonder about the non-muslim children. When do they get to discuss the discharge, masturbation, sex (and cleansing after sex) at PRIMARY school level? Yes, the science subject may explain the body parts etc but does it educate the child about what to do with their body discharge? Does it teach the child that it is normal to have sexual desire? Does it teach the child that if a man claims that he DOES NOT FEEL ANYTHING (sexually) when he is seduced or lured by a girl/woman, then he is NOT A TRUE MAN ACTUALLY?

And when a man cannot contain his lust, he will find an outlet, in which the outlet or the rape victim could be an innocent baby / a school child / or any woman on the street who has nothing to do with the initial seduction. That is why a good man does not let himself be exposed to any material/ situation which can incite his sexual desire (which can become 'lust' if left unguarded).

No wonder some quarters are arguing that sex education should be taught in schools.....
But their scope of curriculum is 'the correct way of using condoms'......when actually it is better not to use it. What is it for? Unless for married couples who have to use it for medical reasons or because they have their own plans for their family.....

Let the child learn about what to do with their body first......they are curious!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Killing Me Softly

Talk about how students react to an incident which is vague and eerie(?) .....involving their teacher......

That is exactly the thing that has preoccupied my mind for the last 24 hours.

Let us study how A reacted. She performed her special prayers, called solat hojat to seek help from the Almighty.

M, gave his assuring words that I'd be able to keep my cool.

D, helped me out by recalling the moments when my camera was still in my hands.

AA? God bless him. He had helped me too in his own way. Just like InId who was sympathetic in her quiet way.

Well, this is a collection of responses to the 'loss' of my camera yesterday. The camera is intact with me now after it was found at the place exactly where it was abandoned......D must be an observant lad!

But now I must save my life as someone is trying to 'kill' me. Better stay away from school until the lava has cooled down!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

No Extra Classes

"Today's announcement : The extra classes for the form 5 classes are cancelled!"

Did I hear a hint of excitement in the voice of the announcer? Who was the announcer? Was it Dr A?

I missed that part of identifying the announcer..... but I remember seeing the 'peace sign' shown by Ng and the big grin on KMing's face in the crowd of students before me. I responded with a faint smile, even though frankly I could be more excited than the boys because I already had plans to get a taste of the public transport to KL.

So, the Metro bus witnessed my ride to KL. The bus fare was only RM1.50! No using of petrol (of my car) and no parking fees to worry about. In fact, I reached KL in less than one hour. Either it was Monday or people chose not to go shopping yet, as I did not have to queue up at the counter/s.

The pleasant stroll that I had enjoyed that evening was marred by the sudden rush of people at the commuter station. By the time I decided to come back to Rawang by the commuter train, it was late. Phew! I missed the first train that stopped at the Bank Negara station. The commuter train looked more like a mobile sardine can......... Hence, no admittance!!

Don't worry, after another 2 trains, I knew that the third train would HAVE TO accept me! I literally pushed the people in the sardine-packed train further in to make sure that I would 'get accepted'. After about 6 stops, I managed to get a seat.

So, maybe no there was no extra class on that day, but I had learned another lesson on reality and survival.....

Poor guy @ Streamyx

Providing a prepaid service must be a real challenge. When you have taken your customer's money, the service rendered is subject to ridicule if you upset your customer's expectations. Well, customers are right in their demands for a reasonable service. Read again, a REASONABLE service! It is not much to ask for.

If you are might say, "Hey, call a spade, a spade , please!". I'll go straight to the point....

I am referring to the STREAMYX service.

Please, I think I am tired of calling Streamyx , followed by my having to perform a certain task over and over again.

The end of the 'conversation' is " Please take note that your report number is @@@@@@ and if you fail to receive the internet line after 2 working days, please call us back." Followed by, " Ms Haslina, is there anything else I can do for you?" Poor guy! ......he who has to answer my call. I doubt if I have ever raised my voice, but I can't be too nice either.

Now as I glance at the modem, I know I cannot save this blog entry just yet. Sigh....

Saturday, June 21, 2008


What a wonderful day!

I know, what actually defines 'a wonderful day' varies from one person to another. I liked the sunlight that welcomed me in the morning. Seemed as though it was wishing me good luck for my test.....since nobody else cared to wish me good luck.

I headed to Shah Alam, trying to find TTDI Jaya. My other half had been very co-operative by taking me there, and giving me the moral support needed. I was lost in another mind-boggling world for two and a half hours and then zup! everything was over! After the test, I did not have much time to socialize with the other candidates but straight I went to the wash-room which was clean and well-maintained. In fact, it looked quite spruced up, better than some of the classrooms that I have entered.

When I reached Rawang, it was lunch time. After lunch I was allowed to watch television...haha! as though I need to ask anybody's permission to watch tv....Then I took the much needed nap . When I got up, I felt refreshed and I felt like going to McD to have some apple pies. The good news was I was taken to Giant for some shopping before going to McD.

I guess that is why I call it a wonderful day! I always like Saturdays.......

Friday, June 20, 2008

Putting My Thoughts In Writing

It must have been quite a while since I last pen down my thoughts in this blog. In the meantime, a few positive changes are emerging.... one of them is I have been able to get a backlog of work done. Well, work is never-ending but at least what deserves to be done first has been dealt with.

My energy - which was partly usurped by the fever (that was 'clinging' on to me until yesterday) - has been restored, just in time for me to start working on my so-called 'assessments' of my students. I need to re-structure the lessons which are going to take place in the coming weeks as I feel the need for a vigorous approach to really tackle each individual client of mine.

A few students whom I met today mentioned about my assessment as commendable. One of them mentioned that the mother appreciated my effort. Yes, thank you for such comments... Actually, the written assessment is just 'my thoughts put in writing', which could have stemmed from my new favourite pastime which is writing in this blog... see the similarity?

But tonight, my renewed energy is going to be put to the test as I need to catch up on a lot of reading for tomorrow's PTK test. Yours truly will be one of the many teachers / educators who will spend their lovely Saturday morning on 21 June 2008 answering 4 questions that will determine their future. Oh yeah, I shall continue putting my thoughts in writing , but this time it will be in the booklet for answering the PTK questions......

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Call Of Duty

If it was not for my son, I would not be writing this now.

What a challenging day as I had misplaced my medicine. I really couldn't figure out just what had gone wrong! Looking at my time-table today, I knew what to expect. My duty starts early every Tuesday as I need to check on teachers who are not in school and I need to make sure that the list of relief duties is ready before 7.20 am. Luckily, it wasn't that difficult today because there were only 2 or 3 last minute changes - (eg teachers who are ill or they have to leave school earlier due to unforeseen circumstances).

I entered all my 4 classes today and the students were rather receptive......even the naughtier ones were well behaved today. Or maybe I looked a bit too pale today? Only God knows! Come to think of it, even the 5 KJ students could listen to my explanation on the 'perfect' way of answering ( The Pearl) , the literature component of SPM Paper 2 - for two periods!!!

Anyhow, my early day had to end late as I finished my EST class at about 3 pm. I never expected the students to make any noise (in fact any sound at all) but today they were quite in a jovial mood.... strange things do happen!!

So, it was a strange day perhaps.

At home, suddenly I felt weak but I knew it was unrelated to my fever. It was the usual stuff. I did a little bit of coaching - Mathematics and BM - to speed up my little girls' homework. Then I thought I'd better retire early to bed. The moment I got up from my chair, my eldest son came out of his room and asked whether I had any graph paper. Oh gosh! So I obliged myself to take him to the nearby shop and because of that I had changed my mind.

That is why I am writing now in this blog. Oh I guess after this I should also read and edit MN's essay that he wishes to submit to the editorial board of the school magazine. So... I'll be up for another hour or so. Thank you, my son.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Nothing much can be done when you spend most of your time in bed. Even when I tried to be more active, the energy simply dwindled off and I would again have to find my pillow.

My daughter has been quite a helper as she cooks lunch on both days over the weekend.

Since I have a lot of time to rest peacefully, I begin to wonder about what is going on out there. I know that my school is taking part in the NST Spelling Competition today . Just hope the students will be able to have a good time there and win the competition.

Teenagers love challenges and they are also easily bored. I always stress to my children that they must also learn to be humble. Time and again I remind them to respect other people, in return, they will be respected.

To me, it's ugly to be clever but at the same time you look down on other people. God tests us by giving us hardships. God also tests us by giving us a special gift - maybe in terms of good health, good looks, wealth or a good brain. God has given us 'brain' so that we can communicate and we can make decisions wisely. So, please use it wisely. Use it for the betterment of mankind.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


If you had not noticed, there was an advertisement in today's newpaper about a 3-storey office buldings to be built across KFC Taman Setia. If you are a true SEMEKARian you should know that it is a landmark to people (from KL) who want to come to our school. But another interesting piece of news is that there will be a hypermarket (claimed to be the largest in Malaysia) beside these office buildings. Go figure!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


By now, many of my students should know that I like numbers 3 and 7. Another number I like very much is number 1. It excites me!!! It reminds me of my primary school years where my happiness was only justified when I managed to secure the first place in class.

Being the first equates feeling good, feeling fresh, feeling that you are on cloud nine.

Getting the first place in sports events is also a very joyful moment. My favourite event was high jump......OK No comments, please.

Getting the highest marks was also one thing I cherished especially when I had really worked hard for it and most of my coursemates failed to answer the questions. One of my sweetest moments was when my lecturer asked me to read out my answer as I was the only one who could answer one of the questions for my First Year Law exam paper.

But then again, those were the days....

Today is my first day back in school. I know it is Tuesday today but I was ill and could not come to work yesterday. As I entered the class, I reminded my students to greet me by mentioning my name instead of calling me "Teacher". There were a few puzzled looks hence I had to explain to them my reason. Actually I did not have much energy and I almost felt like lying down in front of the class but the class students were full of energy and also I sensed that they were high-spirited, which left me with little choice but to take sips of plain water and I continued with my work no matter how sloppy it was today.

I am thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful life. I have experienced many sweet moments , therefore I hope to be given the chance to be healthy again so that I will be able to resume my duties as a wife (and a friend to my other half), a mother, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a sister, a law abiding citizen of Malaysia and very importantly , a teacher to my students whom I always care for (even though my contribution is just a drop in the ocean).

Let my first day in school today be the least effective day compared with the days to come....June, July, August, September, October and SPM.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I am a homely person today. It is Saturday and I can almost smell the enticing aroma from the school canteen ( even though to a number of people, they can only mention the less favourable adjectives to describe its food ) . Perhaps I am not very fussy about food that I have to take at my workplace. Anyway, these people who complain may not be able to serve the delectable food that would be expected from them.

The moral of the story is do not complain too much. A colleague of mine is sincere in her comments and sometimes she brings her own food from home. This is what I consider the ability to practise what one preaches. Her food is undoubtedly delicious and she also offers some of it to us in the canteen.

So, the first term school holiday is almost over, and I am going to take my son back to his school tomorrow. I think I am going to miss our daily routine during the holidays especially when it comes to doing the household chores. My children will get back their report cards whereby I will submit my students' marks to their respective form teachers on Monday.

But for now I will go back to the living room, where my children are watching tv and I would like to make the most of my time with them.... in 10 years time, things will be different in this living room....but as the saying goes, a man's home is his castle.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


That is exactly the name of the new supplement given to me this morning by my husband. I read the instructions and I noticed that I should take 4 spoonful of it every day. Well, since it meant he cared about me, I did not hesitate to take a gulp of the supplement. Not bad! One of the reasons for taking the 'Virgin Coconut Oil' was to help fight against any potential cancerous growth in my body. Maybe I could escape the surgery....who knows. This is what we call " In sickness, health is known".

Talking about oil, I just came back from the Taman Bersatu Petronas gas station - I actually had to spend about 45 minutes there and I found it quite amusing observing the behaviour of the drivers, in their attempt to save a few ringgit. In fact, one driver almost hit my lovely car and another driver got caught in a minor accident as it swerved and knocked the kerb making it impossible to move. The other drivers
(including yours truly) were reasonably cool, waiting patiently for their turn...

But in my mind, till now , I keep wondering why one country is allowed to manipulate the price for the whole wide-world....Something is very wrong somewhere. I think the world trade must change, but it requires a proper understanding of trading and its consequences to the world population on the part of the suppliers. Sigh, at least I took up Economics as a subject during my varsity years...however, in the mean time, I am going to check back my budget for June onwards, bearing in mind that I need to add the 'Virgin Coconut Oil' in my revised budget. Excuse me....

Monday, June 2, 2008

One Wife

My schedule was tight over the weekend as I attended a number of wedding receptions organised by my friends, neighbours and relatives. As a rule, I did not spend more than half an hour at one place and I avoided going into the house to 'check' on the bridal chamber- which could be the practice of some people.

It was good to see the couples tying the knot and I did not wish to pry into their private lives. I was simply there to share their happiness of starting a new life with someone they care and they love. I am no judge to their choice of partner even though it is said that 'marry in haste, repent at leisure'. Furthermore, life is not plain sailing , so whatever it takes, the newly-weds will have to learn to adapt themselves to their new life. Remember, when Adam was lonely, God created for him, not ten friends, but one wife. So, good luck!!