Friday, September 24, 2010

24 June 2010

That was the last time I had my post done and ready for sharing.... (how I miss the authentic feeling of sharing).

As though roused from a deep slumber, I decided to take a peek at my own blog... hehehe...

Actually, within these 3 months, a number of incidents have proven to be a series of bitter/sweet lessons to me. Come on, I am not THAT naive to claim that every thing is new to me. No, no! they are not all new..... some are even deja vu!

My cat had quite an addition to her family. This time she managed to raise 4 cute kittens...well, until two days ago when the number was drastically shrunk to two. Why so? One of them was last seen dead at the roadside. Another one? Gone..... missing. But one thing for sure..... it was not involved in any of the latest crimes in Malaysia.

I miss my children who are studying in the other states. But I know, the ones who are with me need my attention as much as they rightfully deserve.

On the outward, one may seem quite cold, but deep down, she is indeed caring!