Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The NILAM Programme

Nadi Ilmu Amalan Membaca.

I think that's the meaning of NILAM. Since April is the 'Bulan Pusat Sumber', there is one competition which is new to the teachers, which has caught my attention.

Well, if you do care to read my profile, then you should know that my other name is 'Reading and Writing'. Therefore, I have been reading quite a number of books, and I have dutifully recorded it down to fulfil the requirements. Since April the 8th (the first day I knew about the competition), I have finished reading and recorded 20 books in my NILAM record book. Actually, I am still reading my favourite books (of which some are really thick) but for the purpose of this competiton, the NILAM record book is to be submitted tomorrow.

I can't be very sure about winning this competition, but one thing I am very sure of is the fact that I begin to REALLY explore the Pusat Sumber to scout for the books of my taste. Thank you for introducing this competition. Now I know exactly what books to suggest the Co-ordinator of the Resource Centre to buy for the students after this!

The Test On Communication Skills

I have little choice but to get my students tested on their speaking ability, NOW, because soon they will be sitting for their mid-year examinations.

For the 5 MW students who love to prove their maturity in thinking, I let them do Forum. They are trying their best, I can see that!

The 3Y students who are also taking the Arabic Language for PMR have been asked to do Debate....You can guess how chaotic the debates turn out to be when someone forgets the rules. We are always laughing throughout the debates because it turns out to be really fun listening to the arguments which they are struggling to put forth.

Yesterday, I really looked forward to testing my students' speaking ability. However, immediately after the weekly assembly, the clerk called from the office (literally). "Cikgu, cikgu, there's a phone call for you". To my dismay, I found out that I was supposed to attend a meeting at Seksyen 6 Shah Alam.

I hesitated. Should I make up excuses? Unfortunately, I am not very skilful at doing that, hence I obliged myself to attend the meeting even though I had never driven to Shah Alam.

When I checked my car fuel, gosh, I needed to go to the petrol station. As soon as I had the tank filled up to the brim, my stomach sent out signals to go to the toilet immediately. Again, I rushed to my next destination which was my mother-in-law's house. When we met, she suggested I take my son along. Oh yes, good idea. So , along Hasif went with me to help me read the sign-boards.

We reached the place safely but I suggested Hasif to drive one round and come back to park the car outside the building.

I was panting, finding a chair to sit and to start a meaningful discussion at the meeting when suddenly Hasif gave me the most dreaded news of the day. "Mak, someone hit the rear of the car. She doesn't want to admit her mistake."

Oh yes, just imagine how I took the news. Even though the meeting was to proceed, I reluctantly left the meeting room to find out just what the @#*! was going on.

To my surprise, I had MY speaking , or rather communication skills , tested that day. I had to deal with the woman driver , and later her husband to come to an agreement of what to do next.

My final decision was to report the accident at the Shah Alam IPD in Seksyen 11. Here, you can guess that my driving skills were also tested. I waited for the other party to come and do the report too, but they didn't show up. So, in the end, there was no meeting for me with the Jabatan Pelajaran officers; no forums or debates....... only I had to apply my communication skills, in a manner least expected..........

Friday, April 24, 2009

Beautiful = Good

This is a story of a 'normal-looking' teacher who has been quite curious about the menacing behaviour of her students. What puzzles her is that many of them in this class will add extra points in their essays even though she expects them to elaborate on three points only. In other words, they surpass the teacher's expectation of them.

During the 'oral test', she takes the opportunity to find out about the students' interests in learning the English Language. Much to her surprise, these students ARE actually following her lessons and the tips given by her. The only obstacle is the hours they spend after school at their workplace....it seems that they are working part-time between 5 to 8 hours a day.

When asked about their past learning experience, these students seem to have their own perception of what constitutes a good lesson. Plus, it makes the teacher

"Teacher, for PMR, my ........... teacher tell lies. He said as long as I do my folio, I'll pass my paper. I didn't pass one. But my English I got C."

"Oh, very good. Why do you think you were able to get a C? Who's your teacher then?"

"She beautiful. I look at her beautiful face when she is teaching. That's why I got C".

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

That Little Kite Must Look Down

*Dedicated to my little kites...................wherever you may be!

Let us read this poem:

How the Little Kite Learned to Fly

'I never can do it,' the little kite said,'
As he looked at the others high over his head;
'I know I should fall if I tried to fly.'
'Try,' said the big kite, 'only try!
Or fear you will never learn at all.'
But the little kite said,'I'm afraid I'll fall.'

The big kite nodded:'Ah,well,goodbye;
I'm off;' and he rose towards the tranquil sky.
Then the little kite's paper stirred at the sight,
And,trembling, he shook himself free for flight,
First whirling and frightened, then braver grown,
Up,up he rose through the air alone,
Till the big kite looking down could see
The little one rising steadily.

..................How's the 2 stanzas above? The poem (which can be found in the Form 1 textbook) has one more stanza, actually.

[A serious message: Mr Kee Bak Siang lost his one-year-old child and he's having sleepless nights.... please help him!]

[*While writing this entry , the news about the lost child was aired on tv.]

The poem is about a little kite being shown how to fly. As an adult, I have seen many 'little kites' flying, gracing the sky above. As an adult too, I always encourage my 'little kites' to keep trying as the sky's the limit!

Having said that, memories of learning how to fly may have been erased from the minds of the 'little kites' . Perhaps they have flown high....high enough to be who they wish to be. I should just let the little kites fly as high as they wish, but my 'sharing and caring' conscience does not allow me to sit back and let them destroy their future by making the same mistakes again.

Please accept my reminder...........my little kite, look down and you'll see that the skies may be overcast, and soon it'll become dark and rain is imminent................

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some Like It Hot

I have been reading quite a number of books....in the past few days.

This morning, I grabbed a book from the School Resource Centre's book shelf and it was quite a stunning story of Marilyn Monroe.

She was obviously a true beauty physically, but the way her life came to an end has been a battle of arguments between those who believe that she wanted to take her own life and the other party who wouldn't budge from the theory of a possible murder of this fair lass.

I read every line in the book and I became quite fascinated with the conspiracy theories surrounding her mysterious death. Hmm, she is quite a figure actually ,but her popularity is overshadowed by her more 'popular activities' involving men.

I can't really blame men who are inclined to being flirtatious , even though I really admire men who are loyal and responsible in their conduct.......I really do! As with Ms Monroe, her beauty was able to make a man too feeble to resist her, but, as a 44 , I am wise enough to understand that a lasting relationship does not depend on looks alone......

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Diligence Is The Mother Of Good Fortune

All my students in 5A (2008) have learnt the hardships of life through their 'empirical studies' of what constitutes the gems of life.......

My guess is that all of them are now moving on with their lives ..........some into the uncharted territories, while some are going through another adventurous life, in their own way. (I never think lowly of my student's choice in pursuing his own studies....). All of them must continue working hard, for their SPM results do not guarantee a bed of roses for their future.

Since the Excellence Awards Day was just yesterday, I am taking this opportunity to congratulate them all, including those who did extremely well (1A) in the English Language 1119C paper ....here goes...AKJF, JTB, LYV and MNS , your persistent diligence should be emulated by all!

Sex Education (Part 2)

When was the last time I wrote about sex education? Wow, last year..........

I met someone who was grateful to me for enlightening him/her with facts of life including some natural facts related to human beings. To me, I won't take the trouble to sit down and talk about anything vulgar / offensive / 18++ to 'small children' below 41 years. Well, life begins at 40!

I only want these little children to understand that their 'pure minds' are best when they are very focused on their studies, and the best reason for learning is TO ACHIEVE APPROVAL FROM GOD. This means that they must do EVERYTHING in order to receive blessings from God.

They , or rather, we, should take the best care of our body and mind by limiting exposure to seductive pictures or acts which may leave them / us preoccupied with thoughts on lust....

An intimate relationship is only between a husband and a wife...seriously!

Doctors Make The Worst Patients

As my husband was explaining to Mukhlis the importance of using mind-maps , my eyes caught sight of a beautiful mural on the wall next to the school hall. It read 'DREAM more than others think is practical. EXPECT more than others think is possible.' Suddenly , I felt as though I had come to my senses , again.............

My father used to advise me to set my sights on something more than ordinary........... I guess I had always respected him for his ambitious nature. I did not live up to his initial expectation, which was to see me become a lawyer. After I completed my degree, he expected me to become a Valuer (I wonder what it is like to be either one of these.....).

If you think I have let him down, maybe you are right.

But then again, I'm just an ordinary person................on a planet so small compared with the other planets in this galaxy. Similarly, to me other people are ordinary people too..........(sorry, don't feel offended) until they strongly exhibit traits of humility.

What is a good test of humility? Easy. See how a person behaves and treats others who can't retaliate against him/her because of his/her power, wealth or strength...........

Back to the words of wisdom, my first instinct was to share it with my children who were at home and also to someone extraordinary. I was still in the car, listening to my husband's lecture to Mukhlis when I received two replies. One was from my daughter who asked "Mak, have you mistakenly sent me a message?" .................Go figure!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

To Have Several Irons In The Fire

Behind me is a pile of clothes to be folded. Meanwhile, my mind has been re-running the movie entitled "Events Of This Week" even though the television is on.

Intermittently, my attention is diverted to the interesting acts of the actors on tv. However, my attempts to enjoy it are not very successful. It's always like this!!! The shows are simply pathetic when I have chosen it as an escapade. Really, I wish to spend hours in front of the tv!!!

The movie in my head at the moment outshines all movies produced even by the Oscar award winning directors.................................

Firstly, I've been trying to wish LCT a very happy birthday but to no avail. The sms failed me, and so did the Facebook. So....happy birthday LCT!

Secondly, the events leading to the Excellence Awards Day have been very intriguing. Of course, fatiguing is almost the other word to describe the whole thing. But, ehem, as a positive thinker I wish to announce just how rewarding it has been to be involved in the team of people who are willing to share the uphill task of making the Excellence Day a success.

May I add that only a mother can understand the joy of embracing her little bundle of joy a few seconds after the baby is born. Yes, that's exactly how I feel. The other half of my feelings are mixed...but there's yin and yang, right? (Pardon me if I'm wrong).

Thank you for the pains and the cries......................

Friday, April 10, 2009

Who's Afraid of The Dark?

WWL was really tickled while H, LCH,LCF, FKW and others looked on

TR reading out his wonderfully written essay to his classmates

Studying in the dark?

Who is the teacher who seems unabated by the darkness of the library? ...when there is a power failure? ....and the students of this class are really the notorious (but actually obedient) 5SJ?

Well, I booked the library at 9 o'clock. I felt as though I was on cloud nine because Friday the 10th was one of my favourite Fridays (no school on the following day) and also there wasn't any meeting I had to chair after school, oh simply loved it!

But again, never count your chicks before they are hatched....

At 11 am, just before my 5SJ students would swarm the library, zapp!! the power supply was suddenly disrupted..........hence, it was the end of the perfect fairytale of my lovely Friday!

When they came, the girls and boys were as jovial as ever...they obediently followed ALL my instructions lest the teacher would turn a tigress (as she used to be). In the dark, anything could happen but they seemed to enjoy the mirage that began to take place in the APD room.

With the aid of the sunlight that sneaked into the room, one by one, they came to the front to read out the essay they wrote last Friday (proudly and confidently). If it got too dark, the teacher started her story of how the students could pass the paper ..... and when they began to get fidgety, the teacher started reading out the rules and regulations of an acceptable code of conduct in her class!

Who says it's not fun being a teacher?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We Are Not All-Knowing

It was indeed an eventful week.

After slowly adjusting my life from a weak person to someone who seemed rejuvenated, it was nonetheless turned topsy-turvy when we decided to do a spring cleaning at home. With an influx of furniture into our small castle, my concept of minimalism had to undergo a conversion.

I remember feeling totally under the weather on Monday (yesterday). Yes, the weather was rather gloomy too. I must have been working for 10 hours the day before....non-stop. I wonder why work seems like a big W-O-R-K lately!

Last Saturday 4 April we had our Sports Day. I liked the march past by every contingent. As one novice Hakim, I stood at the 'Grand Stand' while holding the clipper board and the forms for filling out the marks. I strongly believed that my marks were totally based on their performance, without a single inch of bias. Of course I saw Aisyah in the contingent of Prefects ( pity them, they were as serious as ever and of course they lost). Aisyah ran too for 4x100 metres (and the team emerged champion!) and thank God she's enjoying it. I despise the thought of forcing students into taking part in any competition.

Monday 6 April was the usual assembly day. The function we had that day was the launching of Bulan Pusat Sumber and Anugerah Sahsiah Tinggi for every class. Sadly, some of the students who received sahsiah tinggi were doubted by their peers! I sat closest to the stage and I could hear CLEARLY laughter from one student after his friend's name was called as the recipient of this award. I didn't have to wonder why he laughed out loud that way because as I turned left I saw another student looking puzzled why she was not chosen. It would be unwise for me to interfere with the selection, since nobody had asked for my opinion. Anyway, I never have any reservations over God's fairness and His nature of being All-knowing . Whatever awards that a person receives is his when he deserves it, otherwise it is only superficially granted to him, though he does not ask for it in the first place.

I have long learnt that an award may have a lasting impact only when a person deserves it. Who are we to judge?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Virus

What if an unsuspecting couple from Mars name their baby "Virus"?

What a pity! This shows the difference between the "know" and the "don't knows".

Being blissfully ignorant is definitely a disadvantage, unless the overwhelming knowledge contains unrelated information.

Some people choose to be a busybody but some choose to be 'blur' , while some choose to be selective and smart. What sort of person are you?

My abstinence from blogging has been a great way of healing from an apparently normal symptoms of fever. However, as the sick person, I feel as though I have been attacked by a malicious strain of virus, albeit the normal treatment from the doctor.

Anyway, I'm still alive. Thank God and I hope you are glad to know that!