Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Am Good

My boy is coming back after a year of intensive study at a college. When I visited him about a week ago, I was reminded not to come early. "Take your time, mum." said he.

In contrast, my friend's daughter, who is also expected to join her family soon; has reminded her mum to be at the gate (of the college) one minute before her exams are due to be over.

God! It's either because he is not a girl...hence, he possesses a different set of hormones; or he knows how I dislike driving very fast, I only reach 140km/h; or worse still, to him- coming back home is a nightmare!

No, no, no. He's my boy... home is the place he wants to be.... and mum is the best chef...hehehe..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shhh! Listen....

Talk about labelling people....

No, I hate it when people label others ....yes, you bet... I don't get any pleasure listening to someone babbling about how irritating another person is. At the same time, I'm easily bored by praises about others whom a person has just known for a few days, or worse still- a few seconds. I believe that we must reserve the good comments only to the deserving ones... and don't blurt it out too soon...

Having said that, recently, I was rudely awakened from my comfort zone. I was partly to be blamed but I find it a blessing in disguise. One person confronted me with a misconception of how I deal with people... as I was listening to this person's 'frank' comments about me, I realised that the battle was already half-won because I was able to 'pause' and actually listen to this person.

Moral of the story, be positive. Secondly, learn to forgive others (every night) and finally, listen more , and people will listen to us.