Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Called Work..........

......when you wish you were doing something else!

I don't know why I have started a new label for my posts, which is "It's Called Work, When You Wish You Were Doing Something Else".

Tell me, why................

The Last Straw

What's happening?

A few months back, I was told by my friend that she had difficulties sleeping because of her workload........... That was hardly what I had ever experienced myself.

It's either I have forgotten the hardships I have ever encountered or it is for real!.......... Or I have 'forgiven' all the exhausting work.....

Having said that, I have learnt to tune off the unnecessary worries when I am at home. I do salute those doing administrative work for their ability in tackling the perennial difficulties...... Try sit in their room(s) at the school office (I have been there), and figure out the actual number of requests that they have to attend to.

Then, do a little bit of calculation on the actual number of GENUINE cases...............

That's the catch.......

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Encounter

After 27 years leaving my school (and its dorms), it is heartening to be able to make connections again through Facebook.

My seniors might remember me as a quiet girl whereas the juniors think that I am still 'athletic'. Well, people do change over time.

I am who I am now, still energetic and jovial ...... and still the same 'Has', laced with maturity and experience.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sijil Paling Menyusahkan

It's that same atmosphere again!

What else should I do, other than pray to God that every single child will get what he deserves tomorrow.

According to some reliable sources, the SPM results will be out tomorrow. A few of my 5 Seroja students have called me up, enquiring about the reliability of the news.

Apart from my students (especially 5 Mawar and 5 Seroja 2009), my son is also subject to the pressures of waiting, and waiting with agony, for the announcement of their results. I think they care about the overall results of their respective school, as much as they care about their own results.

All right, I guess we shall wait and see...................

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dengue Fever, Again!

Back in 2008, Aisyah was badly affected by the dengue fever. I hate to recollect the past (this one, in particular).

But, whoosh... this time it's attacking Naimah, my second daughter.

I just came back from the hospital. Too bad I can't be with Naimah because I must return some important documents first thing tomorrow morning. It was almost midnight when I reached home. Then, immediately I rummaged through my bag to find the files to prepare the relief duty for Monday 8 March. I felt strange that I had to include my name in the list of 'Guru Tidak Hadir', but it's a fact I wished I could avoid. However, Naimah has suffered enough for 6 days , depending on medicines (and one jab, yesterday), while I was busily attending to a lot of commitments..........It's high time I put all these aside and be with her as soon as I leave the relief duty roster at the office.

She has sacrificed a lot , thus she deserves my undivided attention. For now, I need a good sleep........ minus the mosquitoes!